Accurate Medical Billing Services for Healthcare Providers

Our team of experienced billing specialists uses the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that every claim is submitted accurately and on time. We also provide ongoing monitoring and support to help providers maximize revenue and maintain compliance.

About Health Care

At 24-7, we offer specialized Medical Billing, Transcription, and Management services. Our expert team ensures maximum reimbursement for healthcare providers through extensive knowledge of coding regulations and payment submissions.
Our quick and accurate transcription services help healthcare providers document patient encounters efficiently. Our Management Services provide financial analysis and business planning for improved efficiency. We are committed to delivering exceptional services, allowing healthcare providers to focus on providing quality patient care.

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Medical Billing

Our efficient medical billing services help healthcare providers minimize billing errors and maximize revenue.

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Expert Medical Coding and Claim Submission Services for Healthcare Providers

Our medical billing services provide healthcare providers with reliable and accurate billing solutions. We specialize in medical coding, claim submission, denial management, and revenue cycle management. We also provide ongoing support to help providers maximize revenue and maintain compliance. Choose our medical billing services for efficient, cost-effective, and accurate billing solutions.

Service We Provide

Our Company offers a variety of healthcare support services that are tailored to help healthcare providers operate with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. The following are examples of some of the services that we provide:

Medical Billing & Coding

Revenue Cycle Management

Account Receivable

Denial Management


Practice Management

Medical Transcriptions

Our reliable medical transcription services offer accurate and secure solutions for healthcare providers.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance and Data Security with Our Medical Transcription Solutions

Medical transcription is a critical process in the healthcare industry that involves converting recorded dictations of patient encounters and procedures into written reports. Our medical transcription services provide accurate and reliable transcription solutions to healthcare providers, including physicians, clinics, and hospitals.
Our proficient team of transcriptionists has been trained to specialize in medical terminology, adhere to HIPAA regulations, and ensure data security. By employing cutting-edge technology, we can provide speedy delivery and precise reports. Opt for our medical transcription services for reliable, cost-efficient, and precise transcription solutions.

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Management Services

Our team at 24-7 has extensive experience in providing top-notch BPO services to various industries. We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry, ensuring the highest quality of service. Some of the industries we support include healthcare, telecommunications, FMCG, market research, and more. With our expertise and industry-specific knowledge, we can help streamline your business operations and improve overall efficiency.

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Patients Payments

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Patient Calls

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Insurance Eligibility Checks

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Regular Reports

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Appointment Confirmations

Why Choose 24-7 Consultancy for Your Healthcare Business?

Choose 24-7 Consultancy for expert guidance and comprehensive solutions to streamline your healthcare business operations, increase profitability, and achieve sustainable growth. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services, including revenue cycle management, practice management, medical billing, and transcription, using proven strategies and industry best practices. We are committed to providing exceptional service and building long-term relationships with our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our healthcare solutions experts to achieve your business goals. We offer customized solutions for revenue cycle management, practice management, medical billing, medical transcription, and consulting services. Let's get started.

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